Religious Institutes

Religious life exists within Religious Institutes which have been approved by the Church. These Institutes are the most common way of living a Consecrated Life. They are distinguished from other forms of Consecrated Life by their liturgical character, public profession of the evangelical counsels (vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience).  Men and women who profess vows and live as relgious priests, brothers or sisters comprise a religious community living. sharing their possessions and praying together  within a Religious Institute. Religious Sisters, Brothers and Priests who embrace the spirituality, teachings and customs of their community belong to the category of baptized people called "religious life."   


Examples include most of the Religious Orders – such as:

  • The Benedictines

  • The Cistercians

  • The Franciscans

  • The Dominicans

  • The Carmelites

  • The Jesuits

It also includes congregations such as:

  • The Marists Brothers

  • Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

  • Redemptorists Priests

  • Sisters of St Joseph

  • Sisters of Mercy

  • Little Sisters of the Poor



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