The Military Ordinariate

The Australian Catholic Defence Diocese or the Catholic Military Ordinariate of Australia  is the Catholic Diocese of the Australian Defence Force which has been charged with the pastoral care of the uniformed members of Australia's navy, army and air force, their families and of the civilians employed by the Department of Defence: “Serving Those Who Serve the Nation"


A Chaplain is both a deacon/priest and a commissioned officer, there are, obviously, two elements of preparation to be considered - the Church element and the Service element.


Catholic Chaplains are ordained deacons or priests with some pastoral experience. Ideally this experience is a four year minimum. As the Military Ordinariate has a limited capacity to provide this training, we depend upon the generosity of the other Bishops and of Religious Superiors (and of course their dedicated clergy). A prospective Chaplain must have the permission of his Bishop/Religious Superior and this should be sought after some preliminary discussion with local ADF Chaplains and/or the Military Bishop.

Military Ordinate - Kapooka Chapel

Once the ecclesiastical procedures have been completed, the recruiting processes for entry follows. Chaplains have to meet the same standards of education and mental and physical fitness as anyone else.



Contact for further information visit: The Catholic Diocese of the Australia Defence Force.

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