Consecrated Virgin

A Consecrated Virgin is a women who:

  •  Has never married or lived in open violation of chastity

  •  By age, prudence, and good character is considered suitable for dedicating herself to a life of chastity in the service of the Church and of her neighbour

  •  Is admitted to this consecration by her local Bishop

  • Once consecrated, is constituted a Sacred Person in the Church and becomes a living sign of the spousal relationship of Christ and the Church.

  • Undertakes a life of perpetual virginity lived in the world under the guidance of her Bishop

  • Usually has worked with a Spiritual Director and has lived a private promise of perpetual virginity for some years before seeking the Consecration of a Virgin

  • Is called to nourish her Christian life by times of extended prayer and worship

  • Is able to support herself by work or pension or independent means and has provided financially for her medical care.

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