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Stylised Cross

Birth date, Tiffany jewelry extraordinary masterpiece designed Art Deco-inspired interpretation of the new fashion charm, fashion show vivid colorful metropolis modern New York nightlife scene. Is properly concealed antique jewelry collection library legendary Pierre, but also for new designs and lucrative source of inspiration laid the foundation. Master craftsmen who use a lot of precious gems fusion, have demonstrated the full range of legendary jazz era, and fully demonstrates Zoran Tiffany Art Deco design heritage.

Pure white diamond is decorated with silky smooth lines more extraordinary mosaic: Diamond necklace and earrings rendering York Deco skyscraper buildings grand stately; elegant bracelet wrist hanging sketched out the moving rhythms of jazz music; create full bright diamond flowers decorative bouquet jewelry, slim neck between the light flow. Dazzling gems and hand-carved onyx each other, in black lacquered surfaces depict classical fan pattern; possess considerable morphological and pear-shaped diamond ornate inlaid designs, such as the champagne-like bright pleasing, like satin Stark wonderful.

Rarity colored diamonds highlight the vivid colors of decorative arts: full color pink diamond, orange diamond, Blue Diamond and Green Diamond match pure white diamond, chic art deco building followed the elegant symmetrical style ring. There Bezel setting sapphire, spessartine and pink diamond yellow diamond ring refers to a variety of Pegasus also dazzling.

Precious stones of the extraordinary beauty of achievement

New jewelry series also praised the introduction by Tiffany gorgeous gemstone jewelry industry, as well as by the brand released a variety of precious stones known to the world: the staggered numerous exquisite inlaid designs presented Montana sapphires, to show as wildflowers in full bloom and a broad horizon unique bright blue line; tanzanite diamond by a series of stars surrounded Canruo off, revealing a stunning deep indigo color; shiny turquoise jewelry is created gorgeous shape and extraordinary beauty.

1 Tiffany stone beaded bracelet with inlaid diamond pattern edge platinum crafted exquisite buckle.

2 Tiffany stone and diamond necklace.

3 Tiffany diamond earrings.

4 Tiffany Art Deco diamond bracelet painted, decorated with black paint to create a fan-shaped platinum with diamond pattern.

5 Tiffany turquoise and diamond pendant necklace.

Other colored gemstones also include interpretations garden wonders Lorain Qinxin tsavorites; built in the diamond paisley and show your charming style of purple pink Kunzite; well as between diamond fragrant blooming vine leaves Morgan pink stone. These unparalleled Zhen Bao unique brand Tiffany inherited a great tradition, in every detail shine gorgeous charm and enduring charm.

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