My Vocation

Vocation is a term which affirms the Christian vocation of every baptised person. We are all called to be committed followers of Jesus, who calls all of us to develop to our fullest potential, in order that we may be empowered to share our own individual gifts, talents, abilities and blessings as fully as possible, for the sake of  others.

While affirming the call to holiness of every person, we at Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia (CVMA)  acknowledge the vocations of priesthood and religious/consecrated life - as prophetic and creative lifestyles within the Church. CVMA is committed to fostering a positive awareness of these vocations, to empower and resource people to foster them, and to encourage people to consider them as viable and life-giving possibilities for their future.


Reflections on Religious Life:-

Religious men and women are prophets.....The vows cannot end up being caricatures; otherwise, for example, community life becomes hell, and chastity becomes a way of life for unfruitful bachelors.  The vow of chastity must be a vow of fruitfulness.   In the church, the religious are called to be prophets in particular by demonstrating how Jesus lived on this earth, and to proclaim how the kingdom of God will be in its perfection.   A religious must never give up prophecy.  This does not mean opposing the hierarchical part of the church, although the prophetic function and the hierarchical structure do not coincide.   I am talking about a proposal that is always positive, but it should not cause timidity....being prophets may sometimes imply making waves, I do not know how to put it...Prophecy makes noise, uproar, sometimes say 'a mess.'  But in reality, the charism of religious people is like yeast: prophecy announces the spirit of the Gospel. (Pope Francis)

It is only when one has had a personal experience of Christ that he can truly understand the Lord's will and consequently his own vocation.  The better you know Jesus the more his mystery attracts you.  The more you discover him, the more you are moved to seek him. (Pope Benedict XVI)

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