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How can we find our spiritual director who can help us discerning?

How can we find our spiritual director who can help us discerning? (due to the fact that not every people can be good friends/ accept each other very well) thank you.

Dear Qhiara,

Spiritual directors are men and women, often, but not always, religious sisters, brothers or priests, who have been specially trained in their field. Unlike many other professionals, they don't advertise, and they're generally not listed in the phonebook. However, there are lists of Spiritual Directors, and their contact numbers, but, you have to seek them out. Most convents and monasteries in Australia would have such a list, or, if not, they would know how to access one.

Some parish priests might have them too. I don't know whether you are in Australia, but if you are, I have access to names across Australia, and could give you some names and addresses of Spiritual Directors who might be reasonably close to where you live or work, and who might available to help you. Because Spiritual Direction is these people's occupation or ministry, and they have to earn their living, there is a recommended fee for each spiritual direction session, but, of course, this is always negotiable if there are special circumstances and one can't afford to pay this amount. You would need to talk this over with the person you choose as your director.

If hope that this information is helpful for you Qhiara.

God Bless
Sr Mary Ryan RSJ 


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