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Can you please find out and explain to me the stages leading up to and including the role and expectations of nuns?

Dear Jade,

Thank you for your question.

Becoming a religious sister always involves quite a journey. The first step is one of 'discernment' – this involves being with God in prayer and listening deep within our heart to hear what it is God is asking of us.

There are many different vocations within the Christian life and we need to take time to listen to God speaking to us through prayer, through the events of our daily life and through those that we trust and share our faith journey with.

The life of a religious sister is not so much about roles and expectations – it is much more about a very personal and deep relationship with Jesus. It is a call to live the Gospel of Jesus in a particular way – usually within a community and by reaching out to others through our lives, our prayer and our ministries. I hope this has been of some help Jade.

God Bless,
Sister Monica. 

I am interested in becoming a nun. How do I go about this?

Dear Clare,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Clare, I would suggest that the first step to take is to speak to someone about the whole nature of vocation and discernment. The vocation to Religious Life is one of many vocations within the Catholic Church and it is a decision that is generally made after some time of prayer and discernment. It is always advisable to share this journey of discernment and searching with someone who has some wisdom and experience in this area. Could I suggest that you speak to your Parish Priest or perhaps you already know a sister with whom you could share your thoughts and questions.

All the best Clare and be assured of my prayers. God Bless,

Sister Monica 


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