The word 'Laity' refers to those baptized Christians who do not profess vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in a religious community or who are not ordained deacons, priests or bishops.

A member of the Laity

  • Is called to live out his/her Baptismal promises daily and so give witness to Christ by a life lived according to Gospel values

  • Is called to nourish his/her Christian life by prayer (both private and communal) and service to the Body of Christ (normally within a local parish)

  • Is called to ongoing formation in his/her faith

  • If single; is called to live an appropriately celibate life

  • If married;  is called to serve God through the faithful love and partnership with his/her wife/husband, and with him/her to love and care for their children

  • May belong to one of the many forms of Associations of Christ's Faithful which are a support and encouragement in living as a committed Catholic Christian

  • Shares his/her resources (both personal and financial) to build up the Body of Christ (this is normally done with in the local parish structure)

  • May be called to give time as a missionary at home and overseas

  • May be called to live as a Consecrated Virgin or a Canonical Hermit

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