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Dear All and my sincere best wishes to you during this period of Easter joy.  May you receive all the Blessings and Graces of our Risen Lord.

Though time is flying by, in the next issue of VocNET (18-2) there will be articles published which will inform you of the various discussions which went on at an International Vocation Conference which was held in Rome in February and at which I was personally present.

As the articles and documents are being finalised, I thought it wise just to share a few thoughts with you here and hopefully this will lead you to think and discuss matters relating to the various outcomes of the Conference.

This International Vocation Conference- a first ever gathering of religious leaders and vocation ministers from major western world vocation centers hosted by the Chicago-based National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) - recently released its statement outlining its key concerns.  Included in these is the need for a comprehensive theology of religious life, more collaboration between Diocesan structures and Religious Institutes, a clear focal point for the promotion of vocations to the consecrated life within the Holy See, and the overall renewal within one's own Religious Institute.

The statement, "Consecrated life at the very heart of the Church'" came from the 16 delegates who gathered in Rome for 4 days of discussion and deliberations, which included a meeting with Vatican officials from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

Representing vocation conferences from Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the united States, and leadership organisations, including the International union of Superiors General, the union of Superiors General, and the Union of the European Conferences of Major Superiors, the group's statement identified areas of convergence in their vocation ministries, Signs of hope in religious life, and that of the opportunities for the future.

CVMA will certainly endeavour to relay and share the discussions of this Conference as it will be of value for individuals and communities as a whole.  We look forward to sharing the findings with you.

Hopefully, soon, we will be on Facebook and then of course we are gearing up to our Biennial Conference in September in Sydney which has a focus on Communication, Media and the encounter with Christ.  Details will be emerging soon.

Meanwhile, I pray that you will be blessed in all that you do for the Kingdom of our God and that many more will be able to offer and share their time, talents and thoughts in the service of this.

Sincerely yours

Fr Tony Cox SSC
Executive Officer

2015 CVMA Executive

Back Row - left to right:
Peter Hendriks msc, Tony Cox ssc, John Webb cfc
Front Row - left to right: 
Anne Taylor rsc, Claire Cooke SSpS, Donna Millsom,
Kathy Kettle rsm, Lindsay Rust sac and Janette Murphy rsj


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